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We assess your business model and provide professional, unbiased, confidential and honest feedback. We help you identify potential barriers to success and develop plans to validate and improve your business model.We provide a comprehensive listing of entrepreneurial training resources available to you from our regional academic and training partners, and provide intensive training, coaching and learning exercises.


AccelNow offers many ways to connect and learn about our organization. For upcoming events, related articles, and news, follow our Facebook, Twitter, or Blog. If you would like to set up a meeting with AccelNow to assess your business and learn how to take it to the next level, you can call or email us at accelnow. 


AccelNow provides resources to entrepreneurs to help them start up successful businesses and create jobs and wealth in the Northeast Tennessee region. We are called a “business accelerator” because we help you speed up the process of refining your idea and developing it into a viable, investable business model.


You will connect to an “Entrepreneurial Ecosystem” that provides you with assessments, training, tools, mentors, advisers, and improved access to capital, and become a member of our regional entrepreneurial community. Our training clients have found that the connections they made with other entrepreneurs in our classes were very valuable.


to accelerate the region